A Broad Summary of the Status of Jesus Son of Mary in the Qur'an
Posted by Abu.Iyaad on Tuesday, August, 16 2011 and filed under Jesus in The Qur'an

In this article we present a short, concise overview of what the Qur'an says about Jesus (Eesaa), son of Mary (Maryam). These broad matters will be addressed in more detail in other articles inshaa'Allaah.

Jesus (Yesua, Esau) is a prophet and messenger of Allaah (al-ilaah, elohim), the sole creator and originator of the universe and the only deity worthy of worship. Jesus is al-Maseeh (the Messiah) whose arrival was promised to the Jews and who were anticipating the Messiah, as well as another Prophet to come after him. Jesus was born of miraculous birth through Mary (Maryam) yet he is a mortal human devoid of any characteristics of divinity. He is no more than a messenger in a line of prophets and messengers sent to preach the pure monotheistic creed which entails and necessitates that none is worthy of worship besides Allaah. Neither any man, or jinn, or angel, or stone, or tree, or natural element is to be given any of the types and forms of worship which include supplication, prostration, bowing, soliciting rescue, and such love, fear, hope and reverence due only to Allaah, since the worship of whatever is besides Allaah is the foundation of all false religion, and the is the greatest crime that can be committed. Jesus came to be through the word of Allaah, the Exalted, in that Allaah only says to a thing "Be!" and it is. And tidings of his arrival came through the spirit (al-Ruh) who is Jibreel (Gabriel), who is the greatest and loftiest of the Angels, responsible for conveying information and revelation from His Lord. Thus, Jesus is said to be a "word" and a "spirit" from Allaah, in the manner described and not upon the sense claimed by Christians. Jesus holds a special position as he is mentioned in two places in the Qur'an as being from the "firmly determined and resolved Messengers" (أولى العزم) alongside Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa and Muhammad (peace be upon them all). It was belief in Jesus as Messenger of Allaah and affirmation of his message, that of pure monotheism and abiding by the law (Torah) which characterized the Islam (submission) which all prophets and messengers came with, namely, singling out Allaah in worship and abiding by whatever law was given for that era. This is what Jesus came to preach to the Jews and he came to admonish and reprimand them for their deviation from the law of Moses and for falling into superstition, sorcery, usury and the likes. Jesus was given miracles to prove his truthfulness and from them were healing the sick and giving life to the dead. Jesus was not abandoned by Allaah to the Jews to be crucified or killed. Rather, Allaah, the Exalted raised him up unto Himself and it was made to appear to them that they had crucified him. The people after Jesus innovated the false saying that Jesus is Allaah, or the son of Allaah, or one of three. And they distorted and changed the scripture of the Gospel, taking liberties with it, adding things to it and they twisted the words from their proper places. These false doctrines appeared when the message of Jesus was adapted to be more palatable to a Greek and Roman pagan audience. Jesus is alive and he will return upon earth at the appointed time near the approach of the Hour when he will kill al-Dajjaal (the great liar), and he will abide by and establish Islaam, and there will be none from the people of the book (Jews, Christians) except that they will affirm their faith in him and his essential message of Islam.